Food Services


Basic Holistic Training

Want to talk food? Schedule a 60-minute Skype session to talk the basics. Whether you are at the grocery store, farmer’s market, or just in your kitchen, we can talk through the necessities so that you make better decisions. These calls are to help guide your through the principles of Budget Hungry by offering shopping and preparation tips. Email to set up your appointment.



Kitchen Reworking 

It all starts in your home, with your kitchen. We can talk food and meal planning all day but if you keep junk in your home, you will eat junk. With your consent, I will help you rework your kitchen to find order within your safe haven. This process takes one weekend. Just like a quick remodel on a house. First we purge then we redecorate. We find food that compliments your lifestyle and condiments that help your nutritional intake. We discuss the importance of starting from the inside out and work collectively to add value into your pantry. Email for rates.


private meal training

Three one-on-one training courses in your kitchen preparing food together. This system will start to create routine in the body and life. I want you to succeed when I am not around. We meet once a week to shop locally for seasonal and organic produce. You decide which items from the pantry you want to order by visiting my Shopping List area and select from some of my prime favorites. There, you will also find suggestions for food storage, smart appliances and even better sustainability options. We spend our time getting to know more about the food we have selected and how to be creative with what you have. You set your budget for food and I find a way to feed your hunger. Please email for rates.